Eco Party Bags

Continue the party magic a little longer with a bespoke party bag for each guest to take away​ and enjoy at home.

Party bags have become a must-have item for many parents. But the pressure to fill them without over-spending has driven a market for cheap plastic fillers, often of poor quality that have short use and end up in landfill for up to a 1,000 years... This clearly isn't sustainable but the alternatives can be difficult to source and are often more costly.

At Florence & Burt we have created beautiful and thoughtful party bags and fillers that are affordable and plastic-free. We have worked hard to ensure our items are made from recycled and biodegradable materials as much as possible, including the packaging and stickers! Many of the kits that form our party bags have been created by hand so that we can vouch for the materials used and forge unique pieces to entertain, nurture creativity and grow an appreciation of nature. 

Our generously pre-filled eco party bags start from only £2.25 each or choose items individually from our pick & mix selection to fill and create your own.


Pick & mix